#Me Too

The current social media trend of posting these two little words if you've been a victim of sexual harassment is great and all, but until we begin to see and accept women as equal, and even in some cases superior, to men then it's all for moot.

Imagery is powerful. It's a teacher, a messenger, a model used to communicate in way that words can't always do.  

How do you feel about seeing  a female in a position of power? 

Take a look.... and tell me what you think. The future is female.

It's time to change the conversation. 

Featuring ~ Norah Bowman
Photographer ~ Lise Guyot
Clothing ~ Perch Travelling Boutique
MUA ~ MAC Cosmetics
Special thanks to Centre Culturel Francophone de L'Okanagan


Well here we are on the fifth day of October, and we've already started this very busy month with a bang!  We loaded up some rock 'n' roll swag, along with a few 80's pop records, and spent last Saturday at Okanagan Vinyl Fest. CFUZ Peach City Radio puts on a fantastic event for vinyl lovers (and vintage lovers, like us) every year, and we wouldn't miss it.

Did we say busy? 

October is jam packed with fairs, pop-ups, fashion shows and night markets.  

We are switching up the stock on the blue bus from Spring & Summer Frocks to Fall & Winter attire. Plaid and coats...all the best of Fall Fashion. The bus will be all set for the Okanagan Vintage Fair, coming up on October 14th.

We are pulling double duty on October 14th ~ after the Vintage Fair we are setting up a booth at the LIVE YOUR DASH! fundraiser, hosted by our friends Life After Laundry Ladies Club. Be sure to 'like' our Facebook page so you don't miss our special giveaway of 4 TICKETS TO THIS EVENT!

Have you guys heard of The Green Vanity? It's Kelowna's own full service 'green & clean' beauty boutique! What makes the Green Vanity so very special is the proprietress, Nikki Hunter. She believes in uplifting and empowering all types of sustainable,forward thinking, creative businesses; that's why she is hosting our Fall Fashion Pop-Up Shop on October 21st. Coincidentally, that is also the date of Downtown Kelowna's Small Shop Saturday!

We've been a part of the Red Dress Gala for the last two years, and this year we are again outfitting two VIP's in lovely vintage red dresses! You will have to buy a ticket to this amazing affair if you want to see the runway-worthy looks we've created for our models.

Why just have one Vintage Fair when you can have two?! That's right, there's a second fair on October 28th! It's worth the trip to Penticton, folks. There could be a whole new set of vendors, new-to-you vintage merch that you didn't see at the Kelowna show.... you just never know!

We love staying busy and sharing our love of all things vintage with you. We are always dreaming of new ways to serve our clients better, so stay tuned for news,announcements and perhaps some big changes to your favourite mobile vintage boutique.